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Howdy I'm CEO of Wolf Head Development also administrator for Spireworks if you play roblox and want a custom shirt or a game owner needing custom outfits, vests, buildings, and/or vehicle skins then come join the server and have fun and ask for help.

Join code: E2b8R9bJWd

Wolf Head Devlopment Roblox Group

All work is in the discord, we currently are also looking for contracted developers, the payment for contracted developers are.

- You make 90% off of all the items you make

- Games made with your assistance you will get a share of the robux off of Gamepasses

- 1 Custom shirt

- games made under WHD you will be able to put in custom vehicles

Wolf head development currently has 1 active project:

- Contracted development work (This might change due to the developer that was working on the project left due to personal issues)

- Armed Research Containment 2099 (SCP Genre)

No other work due to no active developers or any more purchases.

If you would like to make a donation you will receive a custom rank in the group showing you have supported WHD and when a game has been made that WHD owns you will receive a vehicle or a uniform for patrons.

All of this is approved by WHD CEO

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