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-Are you Mature?
-Are you old enough/how old are you?
-Does your age reflect on your maturity?
-Do you behave like a mature person in a conversation with someone else?
-Do you behave like a mature person in a discussion with someone?
-What is your stance in a conversation towards another person?
-Do you behave respectful & nice towards staff?
-Do you help other players?
-Do you enjoy helping other players?
-Do you talk a lot?
-Do you talk maturely in chat?
-Are you your own individual?
-Do you have fun?
-Do you have a short fuse?
-Do you have a good command of the English language?

Activity & Gameplay
-Are you online a lot?
-Do you AFK more than you play?
-Are you dedicated towards one server?
-Do you enjoy talking in chat?
-Do you enjoy playing the game itself?
-Do you have a general knowledge of gmod/Garry's Mod mechanics?
-Are you, staff, on another server?

-Do you have a punishment history?
-Have you been punished often?
-Have you been punished recently?
-Have you been banned recently?
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